A transformation of one’s eyes
to those of vibrant worth
needs a steady hand
an eco brush
and sweet colour’s of the earth
it needs an eye
that’s sharp
and can
create the purest light
can heighten and assimilate
and gratefully invite

what is a glorious vision
a goddess so aware
can stun another’s eyes
and mind
and melt and thus so share
whatever else they do
the shadows, and the liner
the mascara
all are tools
and with artistry a fore thought
the artist clearly rules

with hair of wispy wonderment
each highlight pulls in light
such subtlety and intensity like a bird
in flight
creation such elation
divination, she
knows a little bit of blusher
takes the skin shine off her nose
and gives a flush of orange
her artistry it shows

a tiny splash of gold
lips like cool pinks in flower
with the glossiness of old
and a gentle loving power
leggings lively colours
golds and mauves and greens
and medieval red eyed boots
that just enhance the scene
tops of lace with bat wings
and alternative hem lines
that take ones eyes to Paradise
all sweet soul Gothic signs

the average eye it can but try
to resonate and see
can understand
the portraiture
that is the memory
when she glides
a little nearer
her perfume
and her tone
captivates the boy
that’s me
more than I’ve ever known.

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