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To see is to know

a vision Continue reading

A little poem with a big message

a little poem Continue reading

Courtyard Books in Glastonbury

Izzy at the Courtyard Continue reading

The Goddess and the green man

a great place to spend some time in in Glastonbury Continue reading

The Rainbows End Cafe Glastonbury

The Rainbow’s end Cafe Glastonbury its got to be a place you are sad to leave Continue reading

The Hawthorns Market Street Glastonbury, Somerset

A really wonderful place to stay a few nights and few weeks or maybe forever! Continue reading

Hibernation not in China(not in Shenzhang Zoo)

Lack of understanding killed them and ignorance of course Continue reading

Another look at fracking from Joe public’s point of view

Fracking is lacking true integrity Continue reading

Be creative be more primitive in your thinking

Primitive, Indigenous true believers of the whole valued by the community because we’ve all got soul Continue reading

Vaccination conflagration whose salvation?

The needle game is ne’er the same Continue reading