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Women some of these outmoded masculine designs for women boycott them Continue reading

Its all coming back

the more you dance, the more the crowd enter the flow Continue reading

Dance and all its subtlety

the dancer displays so much of herself even now Continue reading

To dance perchance to be

to dance is to be Continue reading


My darling C I do love thee Continue reading

The gardens of Aradia

Aradia land of contentment and purity and my Goddess Hecate Isis Continue reading

A hunting photograph to top all others for its sheer vile audacity

a sicko’s photo Continue reading

My Story ( I was raped by some greasy bloke,carried the baby for 9 months,when my baby was born they stole him and then stole my milk and subsequently I heard they killed my baby)

a mother lament Continue reading

Branding cattle and sheep and pigs suffer this imposition

branding what a notion to do it on humans beings in London streets in March Continue reading

Moody a little 11 year cat who apparently died at the hands of a Christian Pastor from Bastrop in Texas this month

a pastor kills cats because they damage his garden sounds very sick to me Continue reading


Fur my god some can be so heartless Continue reading

Thanks to Dr Steven Best a story of cats in China

500 escaped 100 died in China Continue reading

Today in Berkhamsted

a little observational piece for a very cold Sunday in Berkhamsted Continue reading

Africa (its Elephants and Rhino’s)

Slaughtering Elephants and Rhino’s at will, and to order it must stop or extinction will be the ultimate sacrifice they make Continue reading

A baby cows lament for its mother

my milk is your milk that’s how it has to be Continue reading

A deer took revenge

The deer fought back Continue reading

The dark forest

wolves care/ hunters don’t Continue reading

Winter owl( little observational piece)

I can never remember seeing a wild owl so close up before Continue reading

Comment on the RSPCA and the Hunters

Good work RSPCA don’t let the buggers off just because the costs are high, and the barristers should have reduced their fees anyway
and all costs awarded to the hunters Continue reading

A cows life

life and death in the gutter Continue reading

Franken Fish the salmon that never really was

Lemmings gawping at TV soaps I mean nothing else is important is it? Continue reading

We all need our mums ( by a little elephant)

buying and selling little slaves just for the money Continue reading

Hunters are murdering our wildlife

Hunters we call them but they maim and kill strong animals and that can only be a criminal act Continue reading


Fur an evil dragged screaming from way back in history and still worn till this very day, and beware so much faux fur is Chinese rabbits cat and dog fur Continue reading

A second look is guaranteed

its all down to the mastery and talent of the artist Continue reading

Conveyor belt of death

The end is nigh Continue reading

IN dogs India ( a little tribute to your dedication)

a little organisation that cares for the lonely, the sick and the strays Continue reading

Herbie the little soul from Ohio

herbie Continue reading

Concentration camps we now create them for farm animals

Farmers some of you should be banned from keeping animals Continue reading

LOreal here’s a goal for you

Loreal why draize testing over and over again you have money what about showing us your heart Continue reading