GB now

Everywhere you go
these days there’s camera’s
Warning signs its fear
impressed and, we
are much more fearful than we
really ever were
and unhappy too, as most would now agree
Everything is digital, it really is
couples are engaged day, noon and night
looking at each other via their I Phones
that’s the latest way of true delight
wired up on a tracer via a Mac Book
the I pad or the I phone
Apple’s police
are after you they know now
everywhere you go
its plotted on some chart
if you don’t know
the roads now have more
pot holes than the 3rd World
many of them almost ankle deep
our tyres are getting hammered
now because of them
and many now take “Prozac” just to sleep
Councils employ cowboys
cheap jacks they bodge repairs and cost us
repaired ashphalt placed on holes of water
of course a bit of frost and it does blow
our rates are just as high, despite recession
the lazy sods still manage to get by
to why this country is going down the plughole
and really honestly that is no lie

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