Evil the poem (why are women so under valued)the world over

The World at large
must ponder
on the gang rape
that took place
the savagery
the iniquity
the vilest, dire disgrace
that led these fiends
these filthy minded
sadists to hunt down
a girl who they
had never met
who happened to be
in town

I sit here
knowing the outcome
sickened to the core
imagining her agony
and I’m not exactly sure
how she, or anyone might
when subjected to such sin
such infamy
such carnality
such obscenity
one’s skin
one’s slant
on life so ruptured
just how could one begin

the crime is so corrupt
with murderous intent
it defiles all of humanity
these rakes were clearly sent
from the bowels of some infernal
corrupted and so doomed
sex crazed from the nether regions
where, they have been entombed
there are no words to
vilify the vileness of this crime
I could sit here, forever
but in passages of time
through heinous acts of misery
this band of devils climb
to heights of immorality
which they arrogantly displayed
on a lone girl,
each and every one sadistically they weighed
into her, such wickedness
complicit,for each one knew
the terrible injustice
and then of course, they slew
an innocent young women
who just happened to be there
on a bus in Delhi
I find it hard to share
these words, but we must realise
their murderous intent
their heinousness, their evil
their depravity, it sent
them into such behaviour
such woeful avenues
and now we all wake up to it
the ghastliest of news
she died in abject agony
defiled by them, she was
because she happened to be alone
a maiden, and because
of that she faced these moments
that no one dares to think
subjected to such anger
which takes us to the brink
ourselves, just pondering as we must
those final moments,for she
though there are no words
no words
where her soul would want to be

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