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Stephen Harper a plea from a great leader

Stephen Harper an appeal from the heart Continue reading

Wyoming its wolves (tagged by C Ferri)

Shot on sight imagine that a bounty on one’s head and you an apex hunter who has always led a pack of the wild children wolves yes so to say and Wyoming have decided that with your life you’ll pay … Continue reading

Make the connection video by Black Panther a face book friend

a commentary on make the connection Continue reading

Fallujah ( I share the tears)

War raw hatred for people who we may have loved Continue reading

Wilderness( we are all its children)

ponder on my words earthlings Continue reading

Evil the poem (why are women so under valued)the world over

There are no words Continue reading

Liza Iza vegan a dedication of her lovely work for the animal earthlings

Liza iza vegan Continue reading

Life line

a life line Continue reading

Giving inappropriate names to animals

Clearly lacking sufficient food and in a bad way Continue reading

Horns and the pre determined myths

The trade in Rhino horn Vietnam and China must stop this Continue reading

Details ( Temple Grandin knows a thing or two about them)

Animals can see because they are looking at every detail Continue reading

“Anusia” 50 High Street, Tring Herts HP23 4Dx

“Anusia” a cosy and really welcoming little place just right to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner and so near the car park Continue reading

Trapped (inspired by C Ferri)

Those who wear fur must pay the price ultimately Continue reading

Mosquito’s of the new AGE

cracking a nut with JCB is a senseless and dangerous method
there are safer and better ways but headstrong geneticists have their agenda’s fixed don’t they! Continue reading

Palestine the place(most have forgotten the people)

Palestine, just the name of the place says it all Continue reading

Experimentation (a primates story)

Look at me a primate a forest dwelling soul living with my family my whole world in control innocent, and loving and then YOU came along a Corporate skivvy who felt privy to my life well YOU were wrong! I … Continue reading

Whalers don’t use the excuse of Science you do yourself no favours I can assure you

Japan STOP whales are not your food and your school children do not want to eat whale meat Continue reading

Gothic Lady

flying is not all in the mind Continue reading

Wild women

a change is coming to the world of women Continue reading

Trappers and the trapped (a real life story of unbelievable cruelty carried out on random victims who suffer terrible mental and physical agony before in most cases being put out of their misery either by death or the boot of the retard)

The vanquished didn’t deserve this the trapper well he deserves a lot worse in my book Continue reading

A lesson in sharing

It may be hairy sometimes but its worth battling on Continue reading

Somehow Kate Bush influenced me with this one

Lioness heart Continue reading

Foie Gras 2

Foie Gras is for sick sods who don’t know any better Continue reading

Foie Gras

Foie Gras the most evil of condiments Continue reading

Nocturnal calls

darkness holds more than the eyes dare imagine Continue reading

Imagery from afar

To sleep perchance to fly to astral planes and work the sky imagination takes me to a place where I can be with you in close proximity and whilst there just to feel your heartbeat race and on your face … Continue reading

Who was your mother?

The dairy business is a business those cows providing the stock are ill treated all their lives Continue reading

A Survivors guide to Christmyth

A survivor of christmyth tells it like it is Continue reading


Tiger Tiger all’s not right Continue reading

Amanita or Fly Agaric

flying Reindeer’s could that state have been induced Continue reading