Monthly Archives: October 2012

Aida- Melaka’s nightingale

Aida the beautiful singer from the Holiday Inn Melaka who sweetly sang my favourite song two nights in a row Continue reading

The Gods may be angry

sitting in my hotel room in the Holiday Inn 5th floor witnessing what is the eye of tonight’s proverbial storm Continue reading

Tigers Lions Rhino’s TCM and China

China Your responsibility to our wild souls is huge now
Tigers, Lions,Rhino,Pangolins, Snakes, Salamanders, Snakes so many rich cultured earthlings Continue reading

Minnesota wolves(Whilst waiting for my taxi to Heathrow)

Those who slaughter and trap the wild wolves are shooting themselves in the long term they are senseless heartless brutes with no true empathy for the wild Continue reading

Fracking Fibbers

its easy to lie when your pockets are full of dosh Continue reading


She died in my arms a poor little soul Continue reading

Sweet Sea

Sweet Sea and an ocean of thoughts Continue reading

An aura of flora- a picture of Bliss

a dark red gown does it for me Continue reading

I hang on each message

She is ……………………………..everything……………to me Continue reading

A Sea Bean

A Sea Bean scene Continue reading