Whose going to shell out the money when Shell mess up in the Arctic

For Arctic oil, its Royal
Dutch Shell
and greed that’s what their on
a drug that makes them go to places
searching now upon
the icy wastes and
where man should never be
and so they go these oil men
drilling in the sea
in that wild white
with their derricks and their dirt
dangerous risky operations
spills that are going to hurt
the environment
the creatures
the air, the ocean too
BIG OIL is an abomination
Waiting to come true
risk takers, they care
little, for the pristine
icy flows
for virgin seas
they bloody squeeze
there like rats
I do suppose
running in all directions
hoping they can stake
a claim upon the arctic
but Greenpeace is awake
what is the great stampede
for them
with the ice now melting fast
in this wondrous wilderness
Ben Ayliffe he’s aghast
heading the Greenpeace campaign
to raise the banners high
BP’s Gulf disaster
Enbridge at kalamazoo
Chevron out in Ecuador
the horrors all came true
Shell has got to realize
nobody wants them there
their equipment is straight from
the ark
and is bound to cause despair
The National Gallery Banner
No oil of course it said
In the Arctic and off Siberia
they must be off their head
to go to a pristine wilderness
and expose themselves to those
great extremes of temperature
where risks of spills just grows

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