The Orangutan sitting in his locked cage as posted by Cheyenne Wolf Spirit on Face Book tonight

If I could only pick
that padlock
it follows where I could
go out in the forest
but its all gone as you know
your corporate world of greed
and lust
of oil palm and the rest
has mean’t my poor dear mother
was shot
its you invest
too much time, in the growing
oil palm in the place
of forests, which we lived in
which we called our base

a teeming wondrous life force
a paradise on earth
which all came down around us
because it wasn’t worth
the money
and your corporates they
breathe it night and day
money its their oxygen
their life force
so to say

taking away our habitat
and the thousands of creatures who
lived and died
they were crucified by the oil palm workers who
saturate the market
lie for all their worth
call it vegetable oil or something else
and Planet earth

reels and yes us Orangutans
we sit here feeling sad
that human beings
only care about money
which is bad.

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