Stephen Watson

His brush and his eye
took a whimsical stance
on the sea bottom clearly
those creatures did dance
to a melody he has created
in time
with perceptive candour
and an ease of rhyme

look at those colours
the dolphins appear
he reasons with them
and he seems very clear
of their great joy at seeing
and feeling the peace
heightened by the light
which just does release

that wondrous belief
that the artist does know
creation delivers
And Stephen does show
his wonderful artistry
and his sweet eye
for the ultimate treasure
that’s clearly close by

for Captain Paul Watson
on the death of his brother
a little poem

2 comments on “Stephen Watson

  1. lone wolf on said:

    Such a beautiful soul, Compassion & great talent…
    One of his beautiful masterpieces : “Far From Taiji” :

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      I just found this dear lone wolf thank you brother Somehow it was buried for several years. My heart goes out to all those who have passed

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