Poisoned by one’s implants
a thought that you could know well
Why would the surgeon do that
when you thought he’d done so well
And now you’ve cause to worry
Of newspaper stories, for they
Are worrying the life out of you
And turning your hair grey
Metal to metal hip joints
rubbing day and night
metal debris entering your bloodstream
out of sight
damaging the tissues
which has to be a pain
Elevated chromium and Cobalt
you, a drain
for what could be so dangerous
a sort of downward slide
the agony of surgery
the feeling someone lied
Then the convalescence
To now find it could be
A problem for you later
one you, could not forsee
Titanium and stainless steel
and Cobalt chrome are used
Polyethylene and ceramic
you have been abused
will you have to have it out
or will that cause more pain
You just don’t feel like going
through all that stuff again
We have to really ask ourselves
Why do our hips joints go
and when they do
Why is it that the Doctors
say they know
Which metal, is good enough
To take the weight and use
God made bone and he alone
Knows the best stuff to use
Prosthetics placed inside of us
Is a fairly new idea
and one wonders really
How much research went on
it isn’t clear
did it all come down to cost infact
which material was used
or were some of us guinea pigs
who have sadly been abused
I think the latter is the case
some made a killing they
supplied folks with sub standard crap
but made bloody sure they pay
and of course they’ve paid in blood
in fact
in nights of awful pain
and what is worse than an operation
supposedly to gain
some aid in walking and some nights free
of the long term aches and pain
you pays your money
you get no choice
and all that’s been in vain
it certainly makes one bitter
the realization that they
these highly paid white coated
they have upped and gone away

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