Faux Fur you maybe being lied to

The Chinese and the great
big chains are at it
money is the game
of course they play
you want fur
You don’t want fur
no matter
we shall give you
want you want
now anyway

Raccoon Dogs
there are lots
of them in China
and Rabbits too
all they have to say
is this coats made of Faux Fur
the technology is great
it look artificial
but looks okay
and no one has to wait

and people feeling
holier than thou
they buy it
thousands of creature’s
tortured and left to bleed
their fur torn off their bodies
still no matter
The supply chain
and the exporters succeed

China has its exports
The US has its deals
The women get their faux fur
Deaf to all the squeals
now at fever pitch in China
suppurating souls
searching for some base relief
in China few controls

And so these lovely animals
are hung up and their skin
is then ripped from their bodies
a vile and awful sin
The exporters present faux fur
and their shipped across the sea
and the women queue up
smiling much happier they be
than the hags who bought
the real Mccoy
Mink or Fox or Hound
who feel the wrath of
when they wear
their coats around

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