A cow’s love for its calf

I lost, my boy, Today
they just took him away
came at the crack of Dawn
they didn’t even warn
he, was fast asleep
his eyes they flickered
that farm girl she came in
and swept him out of sight

I felt this sudden loss
He was my special boy
the way he drank my milk
his eyes were full of joy
he was unlike the rest
for me, he was the best
a gentle little soul
its hard to now control
myself, I want to cry
maybe, even die

for though I had been raped
that tousled hair
had scraped
he smelled, his breath
was rank
I recall now how he
but the baby I had had
that I carried inside, I
really loved him for he
was a very special guy

so gentle on my teats
so warm and fulfilled was, I
feelings seldom
now tears roll
from each eye
I cannot bear to think
what she has done to him
that bimbo she
who flicks her hair of gold
that highly perfumed bitch
her voice at a high pitch
has taken my dear boy
just 3 days old

but in that 3 days
I grew to adore him
a mother loves her babies
it didn’t matter
that it wasn’t love
that brought him to me
it only mattered
that he was okay

but now he’s gone
and I may never see him
my precious milk he cannot
taste again
He could already have been killed
stomped on till his blood was spilled
or he could
be with the runts
out in the rain
ready for slaughter
so the human earthlings can
gobble down the cheese that makes them wheeze
my babies stomach ripped out
the rennin
the coagulation enzyme
if you please

more doubt for the
poor cow, who goes through
all of this
possibly 4 or 5 times
before, she too
will kiss
her concrete stall goodbye
when she is carted off to be
led inside the final door
and slaughtered mercilessly

his body broken up and used to feed
the scary hounds
that piss up the barn doors
whilst, the Farmer does his rounds
fine leather costing pounds
some women will be sporting
my sons skin,
me thinks, through towns
a fancy hand bag
can she ever realize
or see
that what she has,is the skin
of my boy
who they came and murdered
the boy that her God
f*****g gave to me.

of course I’m bitter
what you human beings
supposedly, so sentient, now do
you rape us and you throw away
our babies
you murder them
we hear them crying through
the pain, as you inflict it all upon them
terrorize and stomp on them
till death
so you can remove from them
the rennin
and for this milk coagulant
their breath
is stopped you murderous heathens
I must say
what you do to us
though we’re so docile
will rapidly catch you up
on judgement day

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