Alpha and Nukka Lone Wolf and Mohammed

It can happen so fast
in the blink of an eye
one minute your safe
the next where you lie
your mother lies dead
shot by those men
who drove up in a truck
close to our den

one second ago she was
standing, heart well it beat
like a drum
now she is lying
motionless and we,her young
daughters are numb
we are frightened
for how can manage
where can we go
now she’s dead
our schooling has
only just started
and now it has
come to a head

Alpha and Nukka
two sisters
lost in a forest of woe
where the shadows loom dark
where mama left her mark
and we do not know
where we should go

wandering aimlessly lost
to the world
frustrated at what humans do
they took our proud mother
and also our brother
we now do stay close
to the Sioux
a nation of men of the forest
who stood by their land
and were free
whose respect for the wolves
was known near and far
their protection we gained avidly.

Mohammad Ali and his friend Lone Wolf
took us over and sent us to where
we could be safe in very big garden
loving the scent in the air
we stay there in peace and our favours
are wonderful love from those two
men like the ones who killed our mama
but men clearly real men yes who

Love us for what we are, wild souls
they do not have guns not at all
they take our pictures and feed us each day
and of course we respond when they call
I’m. Alpha and she is my sister
Nukka little sister in fact,
she is so shy with a sparkling eye
but quick when she has to react

The boys want to teach us what mother
was teaching
they feed us and help us each day
captivity surely can change our perceptions
and soften us maybe, this way
is why we must think with our instinct
and not be persuaded to play

too much with Lone Wolf
for absorbing his scent
could release in us that wilder streak
that when we’re confronted with some
sudden danger
we might just be rather too meek

we have to harp back to our roots
concentrate on our desires
its nice to be loved by 2 lovely men
but we must stay the course and our fires
must burn deep inside us for ever
we are wolves the wild wilderness, we
can cope with its wind and its wildness
and know when we wander we see

everything open and splendid
all of God’s creatures who ply
up in the tree tops
or down on the ground
or who scamper down deep
knowing why

the storm clouds amass
and the hail stones appear
and rivulets run in the wood
where toadstools just magically
leap into sight
fly agaric with its
red spotted hood

we have to intentionally
switch off
we have to remain bold and fine
we run through the hedges
and into the sedges
pretending our life’s
on the line

we must train for
good ones and bad ones, for we
are the daughters of our proud mother
who was killed near where
both of us be

her eyes were wide open
all seeing
skywards into the great blue
she stared and she spared us
the great pain of healing
for we didn’t know what we should do

Now lone and Mohammed have got us
and treat us so perfectally well
we hope we can soon wave good bye
to the boys
and go back fully trained for a spell
its so hard in the forest
with man on one’s trail
with rifles cocked bows stocked
its easy to fail

mother’s experience
she had a great deal
but the man was invisible
till her last squeal
she clearly was open and
physically strong
but in tending to us possibly
got it wrong

when the bullet rang out
and entered her skull
and her eyes they were gone
and the light it got dull
she really was beautiful
we both could see
her beautiful lines
and her true constancy

now we are orphaned
so not any more
can we play with our Mother
on the den floor
we can’t howl in the moonlight
with mother alas
or run through the hail
to the final morass

instead we recall
all the good times we had
we are learning new things
but we still, are sad
to have lost our fine mother
who just knew what to do
who was all things to us
and to most of the Sioux.

Lone Wolf is thinking
to take us to where
we can get back to Nature
and once again share
the wild paths, the wild ways
of wild wolves whose ken
to appreciate them but not
all the men

for some do lay traps
and poison the bait
they shoot us with bullets
or arrows, they wait
like great ghouls in hollows
in camouflaged hides
so with our sharpened senses
and extra long strides

we can run across thickets
and just disappear
leap up the rock face
and fly off from here
we are the sisters, from Istafan who
know the lore of the forest
and what we must do.

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