It may be more sinister than we think

Our bodies hormones,
and chemical passages
can get disrupted by pesticides used
this is significant and so important
It just might be
we all are being abused

By some of the products
sold out in the wide world
on the pretence they’re combating
pests in the field
in early life forms such awful
through the food chains
you do get potency build

and its often unchecked
until late in life
when learning abilities
may cause some strife
and reproduction
and cancer and more
when auto immune problems
come to the fore

So many chemicals used on the farm
have the adverse affect
by causing us harm
in the womb it can happen so easily
sexual behaviour and deformity
undescended, testes
sperm counts so low
and the trend is now downward
on sex ratio

thyroid and look
there’s so many today
have thyroid problems
it just is the way
brain development
and metabolism, and more
Maybe they are being used
as a war

The insidious nature
quietly, no sweat
the pituitary gland
is so under threat
predator animals meat eaters they
take the hit,yes they do

when they breast feed their babies
of course they will get
traces, their potent
clearly they’re set
in the air
in the water
some also fly
for mile after mile
which is, therefore why
they are found in the ice fields
so far away
the inuit’s suffer
and of course we pay

there’s no getting away, from it
what we must do
is dissuade the corporates
For this toxic brew
is causing such suffering
throughout the world
where ever its used
or in fact just gets hurled
by the forces of nature
and this poor control
does not auger well
for us, I hear tell

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