Monthly Archives: March 2012

The great barrier reef is now under threat from corporate mining organisations

The world is run by Corporate henchmen Governments teeter when they show their power, its now for the people to show them both who really holds the power. The Great Barrier Reef must not be destroyed Continue reading

The NME Awards

The youngsters are beginning to know what loud really is Continue reading

Spring energy

a slightly warm spell and they break forth, but watch out Jack Frost is about Continue reading

I want you all to know

So many wars, threats fear, ugliness,regime changes, threats, we are all people given the gift of life, and hope, can’t we live to the full and protect our wild friends at all cost, and stop greedily trying to take over Continue reading

Why are we so unaware of sweat shops and their cost to Humanity

Consumers must begin to question who makes the products we eat and use, and do they live a comparatively normal fair life or are they slaves.This question is sadly not asked enough.The consequences are tragic and ongoing
We owe so much to War on Want check out 020=7324-5054 Continue reading

Why are the public so unaware of their childrens safety

This is a technology that is so wasteful of natural god given resources. We must all as concerned inhabitants of Planet Earth stop this happening NOW Continue reading