We think,We feel,We care,We love, We know

We are independent
We think, We feel, We love
We know
We are not commodities
Not even your oddities
We have been created
And like you we shall grow

More sympathetic too
all life around us
We love the green grass
and the morning dew
We love the fresh air
and the soft warm breeze
We hate the concrete
Where we’re put into

Bars, and crates and
batteries are alien
We’re not criminals
We’ve done no wrong
The only error
that brought terror, to us
Was being born and growing
to be strong

As earthlings quite
domesticated by you
The aeons have
not yet erased away
Our instinct,all the in born
Passed through the generations
till today

And thus we now do realize our
From the concrete sheds
to the death truck and our death
We’re all in limbo on Death Row
But its you that commits the murder
We are  innocent but of course you know

Loaded onto Death trucks
and we soon rumble away
Thrown together in crated sections
So much disarray
“Help I’m being crushed”
I’m being suffocated here”
Are the only words that most
Which is a form of fear

And so we tumble down the lane
And up onto the road
Everyone is terribly fearful
which can’t bode
Well for the arrival
That great Death House
we see
Looming from the mist
Its grisly facade there it be

Thats when I want to run away
Peel off and get free
Leg it down the motor way
See if I can be
Getting to that wooden land
But the automatons are here
With their electric prods
and their hammers
and they kick us
dear Oh! dear

Through some rusty creaking gates
Into a shitty yard
Clearly there is blood and gore
We now must be on guard
If I can run and leap that fence
It isn’t all that high
And make it to those wooded trees
I wouldn’thave to die

But the men come around and prod me
The electric sears my skin
The pain shoots down all my 4 legs
And suddenly a din
Is heard as big doors open
And we’re led right into
The Death House
all those horrid smells
They get inside of you

In front up on long gantries
Are cows throats slit they bleed
rivers gushing from their throats
their dance of death indeed
Rotating squealing rasping
breathlessly the sound
We know we’re next
Our muscles flexed
We’re hoisted off the ground

A few seconds to contemplate
the life where I had been
Torture and sedition from
men who were so mean
With food, with water and with care
brutes 2 legged fiends
A flash of steel it was for real
More great blood thrashing scenes

This time twas me in agony
eyes rolling brain on fire
The last thoughts of an innocent
Dangling on a wire
Feeling the great thrust
the cavernous wound made in my throat
and the river of hot blood
That soaked my executioner
In what was my final flood

Why put us into Man Hell
Where they treated us so vile
Fed us cheap and nasty food
To try to reconcile
The cruelty that filled our life
We independent souls
Locked up in those prisons
Under immense controls

Kicked stamped on and brutalized
And most of us deemed lost
Man Hell is an evil place
When no one should be tossed
Never in a million years
Should these tribal creatures see
Another sentient animal
Like the likes of you and me

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