Why we are where we are

The arrogance, sprang forth
from that huge corporate
Monsanto years ago,
with its vision
to take over agriculture
and extend its market share
as well we know.Money buys the souls of some
and gives them
the rights to work
their soils, as if it were
Their own and with their sickly
minds laboriously, they
Used Genetic larceny
to stir

In the organic
artisinal farmers
A power to fight that few
around could see
And for 40 years the battle
has been raging
across the world
and now won by
who found the key

Unlocked Government agencies
Blind eyes to be used
and factors filed
They also unlocked minds
of failing farmers
Who let them in and seemed so

To the lies they told
about the savings for them
Lies that show those great
believers how
Corporates fail on ethic
certainly have no memory
all they want is to exert
more power

Soya, Corn and Rice
have all been plundered
The native planters have
been pushed aside
Saving heirloom seeds was
seen as criminal
The genetic drift now
cannot be denied

Its spread across the earth
polluting everything
Science knew this
before GM began
But still it used its influence
to change the agricultural face
and pay off ignorant Farmers man
to man

Those with lots of land
Just let them do it
Raised their trials
and compensate them for
the use of land and media
and science
for with all their vast resource
they wanted more

The carved out huge great
areas of forest
Offerred dollars
to those people who
and backhanders
to the Governments
Corruption spread
like forest fires
And Soya Beans rose
skywards on the blue

and all genetically modified
to take Glyphosate
Monsanto’s ploy
To sell its Round up
and make loads of money
Farmers they could use it
and enjoy

Freedom for their Soya but
alas, alas
GM spread has reached
into the heart
Contamination of heirloom
and organic
and created huge plantation
seen enmasse

Years ago I knew
the vilest outcome
But corporate power
helped dissolve all of that
Corruption spread
like wild fire
and GM proved to be
Not the miracle it was
actually sold to me

Science gave support
in selling GM
to the masses
Convinced itself
and it seemed on a roll
They crushed dissent
which seemed well mean’t
bought up more
power so easily
Agriculture clearly
lacking soul

Monsanto’s now enormous
a giant fed on gore
its bought small farmers
And now its locked the door
our seeds
are all genetic
The common man can’t tell
Labels do not say a word
Yes he would do well
But thats the greatest US law
And clearly it is Hell
on earth
squalid I do suppose
They have taken our rich food supply
and turned it on its nose

And now its just a matter
of time and we will see
expensive food poor quality food
which basically will be
Imbalanced and real sickly
the fat will increase in size
the poor will become poorer
Which is really no surprise

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