The last moments of a group of Pigs

A group of Pigs
all knowing
signs of stress
the sights and sounds
no sentient
dare redress
agitated as the cries
of others fill the air
the horror
they try to escape
its really hard
to share
so much
that men present
which forces them to
watch, to climb
over the dead
oh Nay!

no respect for life
for thinking
sentient souls
who came into this
world to share
a life
with some controls

which gave them
little for their last
few moments
all they saw
was torture, blood
and guts
heaped up upon them
and more gore

Pigs are more
they figured it all out
dying in this hell hole
and yet

the love and care
of we, who share
this world
and clearly are
allowing this to happen
in every

insensitive progression
into a hellish end
for this group of pigs
who were so aware
what message
did it send

the doors were closed
the video sent shivers
through the spines
of Australia
for its failure
to see the danger

9 comments on “The last moments of a group of Pigs

  1. Lone Wolf on said:

    Pigs are as intelligent as dogs! they are so smart & compassionate & social creatures… The only event who keeps this bloody mass killing on is CONSUMERS!
    Thanks brother for this beautiful masterpiece, reflecting the issue so powerful & touching <3

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