Besotted with Fay

The flat in North London
Her bike on the stairs
Sharing the spiders webs
and some cats hairs
Circulars never been opened at all
A collection of bottles
stacked up by the wall

Up in about 15 stairs
to her door
A small bamboo windchime
Two Forty Four
A pioneer’s number
So good for her here
I knocked and at once
Fay did appear

Some glorious picture’s
she’d sketched all around
And Dear Mr Handel’s
wrap around sound
And the clutter of coffee beans
in her old mill
The earthy Sumatran
I think,…. thats a skill
Slow percolation bubbling hot
Poured into coffee cups
made on the spot

That aroma!……
I sat and I took it all in
Pictured a rainforest
not just a tin
of some corporate
granules, from the UNFAIR TRADE
where souls are cajouled
and where cherries are sprayed
that was Fay’s worth
she cared very much
For the growers, the land
she seemed so in touch

Equal Exchange
Organically grown
Driven by love for the
wondrous unknown
for those hard working very poor people
who toil
in the heat, quite a feat
protecting the soil!

safeguarding our health
and environments too
Whilst the Corporate Fat Cats
Continue to screw
every last drop out of them
and the soil
this sort of behaviour
makes my blood boil

Besotted with Fay
I was right away
And hopefully she is with me
We both do our best
with consummate zest
Promoting trade more ethically

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