Monthly Archives: November 2011

Why we are where we are

I have been campaigning for 40 years I do it because I know this goes against Nature and that is wrong.Corruption and Power has been behind this whole genetic motion, Science in fact, all sorts of genetic anomalies and now being sold unlabelled in the USA and seeing huge parts of Brazilian rainforest torn down to grow GM Soya, its out of hand already Continue reading

Nail Bars(The new Phenomena)

Everywhere you look there are suddenly nail bars opening up both ends of town, maybe one comes with a hairdresser, everyone’s at it, this is just an old man’s take on it all.Food shops closing down nail shops opening up Continue reading

Max just ate a spider

I have 3 rescued cats one is Max he is the male and he likes mice/spiders the odd bird now and then since I saw him eat this very big spider I thought I would understand why Continue reading

Connyland and its Dolphins

I signed the petition to stop any more dolphins going into captivity at Connyland Switzerland. Amusement Parks do not amuse when they are imprisoning wild playful children and subjecting them to terrible torment.Our lack of true judgement and not being able to truly understand the creatures has led to these deaths. Continue reading

Breeding beagles purely to have them cut up and experimented on

They want to build a facility in UK to house beagles for vivisection.This must be stopped to farm an important breed like a Beagle Dog purely to sold to the highest bidder to be experimented on is totally wrong, and Mr Eric Pickles hopefully will have the good sense to stop it happening. Continue reading

Behind Closed Doors

It went viral the video of a cow waiting to be led into the slaughterhouse, clearly it got wind of the death of its friend and tried to turn around and run away, sadly it was impossible and finally the use of s an electric prod to get it to go through the doors to its death. The look on its face,one of abject horror.Carnivores have a lot to answer for. Continue reading

Ringling Circus Fine

Ringling Circus from for some years has been investigated for animal torture PETA has managed to get USDA to fine the companies producing these entertainment circuses $270,000 the biggest single fine ever in US History, in my opinion for the length of time it has undoubtedly been going on it should have been much more.However now we must try and get all animals banned from Circus. Continue reading

The Rule of Law

After Obama rubbished the Bush dynasty he then incorporated his own dictum into the proceedings and if this is made law it will be the longest detention without trial in the West. Continue reading

The last moments of a group of Pigs

Lyn White of Animals Australia sent me a video this morning, about an abattoir that had been closed down in Victoria this is my take on it, I hope you can feel the tension and the horror those earthlings must have felt when they left this world Continue reading

I feel for the poor

I saw a video today made by John Pilger this is is just a slanted swipe at what I believe is happening all over the world.I have always felt that a society that has to pay a body to oversee fairness in the commercial world of contracts is a world almost too far gone already as reality proves with the rise in corporate power and profit, John Pilger reported General Motors is bigger than Denmark and Ford bigger than South Africa, you can see where its going and at this continued rate people matter less and less Continue reading